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● Tests are created & validated by subject matter experts (SMEs) to assess expertise of learners as per industry standards.

● Assess various levels of learning outcomes, from basic recall to application, analysis, and evaluation.

● Get the best overall sense of understanding and mastery of a subject matter.

● Test for important or significant information.

● Focus on a single problem or idea for each test.

● Random distribution of the correct answer options.

● Base each item on an educational objective, not trivial information.


● Tests are focused, purposeful collection of questions and designed to fully assess performance against the key knowledge areas.

● Helps direct your Study Efforts. Identifies strength and weakness, so that more focus can be spent on weak areas.

● Learn better by Challenging yourself. Practice tests improve learning and final exam results.

● These tests are low cost compare to real certification exam.



Study any day, anytime, anywhere.


Create Mock Exam on the fly.


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Study by Subject Areas.


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Focus on Weak Subjects.


Real Metrics, Real Results.


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